Feel Good Photo Shoots

USD $75 - USD $250

About This Service
Mini Sessions/ Full Session/Boudoir
Package 1 - $75
Includes 10 selected/edited images
One outfit change
45 minute in studio photo shoot
Package 2 - $185
Includes up to 20 selected/edited photos
up to 3 outfit changes
2 hour in studio photo shoot
Gold Package - $250
up to 4 outfit changes
Includes 25- 40 selected/edited images
Up to 3 hours in studio photo shoot
Most people will chose this session for Boudoir


USD $75

About This Service
Standard portrait shots for yourself, headshots, portfolios
Package 1 - $75
45 minute in studio photo shoot
Inludes 1 outfit change
Includes up to 10 selected/edited images


How do I prepare for my headshot?
Typical Headshot preparation – Non Modeling Type

I recommend that you wear solid color clothing, no polka dots, no wild prints, and no distracting stripes. This type of clothing can distract a viewer from the most important subject in your photos, you. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and situations may call for such colors or patterns such as a uniform or branded item.

Pastel colors are typically fine and not just white or black colors either (though some corporate shots require such), more importantly, avoid anything that clashes with your skin tone. Colors that compliment your skin tone are most appropriate. If you feel you look really good in something, even if it doesn’t follow these guidelines bring it. Feeling good will show in the photos taken.

Colors are a form of energy. When you communicate, you're expressing ideas through energy – your personality, your voice, your appearance, and the COLOR you're wearing! When you appear on camera, the lens picks up the energy of that color. Certain colors have more energy and attraction than others. Bright reds and oranges may have a lot of energy, but to most people, these tones are not very appealing. Red can represent passion but also fire, fear, blood, and anger. Dark somber colors – black, evergreen, and brown – are usually perceived as depressing, cold, and sad. Dull shades of gray, navy, and cranberry usually represent the corporate world. Vibrant and pastel shades are generally the most popular. They're used frequently in nurseries, schools, and hospitals, as they are perceived as happy, relaxing, and healing.

What is the most popular color? BLUE. Why? Blue is the color of the sky and water. It is the most frequent color used in nature – at least on our planet. It represents a positive energy. Blue skies, blue moon, blue screen, etc. On any given day, you'll see more of the color blue than any shade in the rainbow so it's the most universal and the most comfortable. It puts people at ease.

Be you.

Avoid wearing distracting jewelry or anything that may distract the viewer from your face. Keep it simple.
A good headshot will focus on the subject and only include what is necessary in the photo. Nothing in the photo (jewelry, clothing, hairstyle, background, props, etc) should distract the viewer from the main point of interest, you.

A good headshot will be an accurate and realistic representation of the subject. It won’t make you look younger. It won’t make you look like someone else. The headshot will make you look like you.
A good headshot will generally “invite” the viewer in and make them want to know more about the subject. This can be done through a combination of lighting, composition, and expression.
Now your are ready, enjoy your shoot.

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