My Background


My name is Gene Tick. I have had a camera in my hands since I was 10 years old. The passion continued to grow throughout my life. Never without a camera.

I have worked with many renowned photographers over the years while working in the publishing industry, but always in the background. Learning, watching and listening. Eventually taking my art to the next level. 

A Graduate of Northampton Community College from their photographer’s program many years into my adulthood, just because you can never stop being a student. 

I have been published in magazines and have had images used for advertising. I am an instructor at the local college, teaching photography, producer of the largest photo networking events in Elizabeth City and most of all enjoy just being out there with my camera. 

Abandoned Silo, Dingmans Ferry, PA

Photography as Communication


Photography is a passion, that is number one. When you feel the fire, the desire to do something it will come. Photography is my way of expressing my art. I will produce an image that will stimulate you more then just with a visual experience. I want your senses aroused. What does it feel like, sound like, smell like, taste like to be in that photograph in which you are looking at?


Sharing Stories

Through my prints and photo books, I invite you to bring bits of my stories into your life and home. New prints are released regularly, so check back often. If you sign up for updates, you will get notified about new prints or books, sales, and shows.

How We Do It

Artfully Done

You only get one chance to capture the moment. 

Something Different?

When you want something that stands out. 

Special Pricing

Military, Non-profit , Senior Citizen and Group Rates Available.

Stories That Need to Be Told

"The American Identity" A Thanksgiving lesson.

It is not always about shooting what is fun, art, or for profit, but what is needed to be seen. 

Walking through New York City the day after Thanksgiving I came across this man who just wanted someone to listen to him. It was not about getting the photo, this came later after our conversation, after we talked, cried and laughed together. His story is not uncommon when a loved one falls ill and the medical bills wipe out all you have. Doing what one must do for a loved one. A story I can relate to very much so, my wife who lost her battle against cancer, and putting everything you have out there for your loved one. I needed to tell his story, not mine. His cardboard signs bring the struggle forward, many who do not understand why some of us may land up homeless with nothing left. 

If I can just make one person aware of the struggles someone comes across in their lives through my photography, then just maybe I did my job.

New York City, Thanksgiving for some. others another day of just surviving.

New York City, Thanksgiving for some. others another day of just surviving.

The 2nd Wave - A Photo Journey

Gene Tick - Producer of The 2nd Wave

A photo journey of photographers, make up artists and models and friends. Produced in Elizabeth City and the surrounding areas. Come join us, all skill levels welcom


Our Services


Specializing in Corporate Photography;  head shots, corporate events, and photography for Social Media and Print Marketing. We have the equipment, models, and makeup artists to make your marketing photos stand out against your competition.

In addition we provided services for modeling photography and portfolio work, on site corporate and family events. 

It is not just about pushing a button on a camera, it is about getting the job done right.

On your site, off site, or in our studio. Let us take care of your photography needs.


Are you planning a fundraiser? Call us about our "Giving Back to the Community Program"

Raise money for your organization through our Keepsake Photos, printed on site at your event.

The 2nd Wave

 Producer of The largest photo events in Elizabeth City, The 2nd Wave networking, education and fun.

A networking event of education and fun. Find us on Facebook - The 2nd Wave and join the group!